8 May 2012

15 Ways to Use (not leftover) Honey

Many years ago my real man and I both had bad colds so I made us a honey and lemon drink and it was so delicious we have had it as our morning tipple ever since.   I don’t imagine it is doing us any particular good other than it makes us happy as I think the hot water destroys any health benefits.  Anyhoo for this reason we get through An Awful Lot of Honey – maybe 3 small jars a week – and as there is always a lot of it about I use it in many other ways too.

This is not about “leftover honey” because that just doesn’t happen; apparently honey keeps forever although I would recommend keeping it cool and dark!  (Too cool and it may crystallise in which case just stand the jar in a pan of warm water and stir a bit till it clears again.)  This being the case anyone that puts a best before date on it is just having a laugh.  This post concerns honey you don’t quite know what to do with or if you have too much - see the bottom of this post for a picture of when I had too much honey behind the wardrobe!

15 things to do with Not Leftover Honey

~   Use instead of sugar for casual sweetening!  What I mean is don’t replace sugar with  honey in baking or other precise recipes as they are different consistency, sweetness etc., honey being somewhat sweeter.
~   To use every bit of honey rinse out the jar with hot water, add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy the hot drink mentioned above.
~   Drizzle over Greek yogurt, add almonds or walnut, sugared walnuts (recipe here) are delicious in this.
~   Drizzle over ice cream – vanilla ice cream sprinkled with salted peanuts with a trail of honey snaking over it is deliciously different.

~   Stir a little honey into freshly cooked carrots together with a knob of butter and shake to glaze.
~   Honey plus a little whole grain mustard stirred into mayonnaise makes a great accompaniment to salads or spread in a ham sandwich.
~   Toss a little in with butternut squash and red onion (recipe here) when roasting.  Not too much mind or the whole thing with caramelise before it is cooked.
~   If you have just a spoonful of honey left in the jar add 6 spoonfuls of olive oil, 3 of lemon juice, salt and pepper and shake to form a great salad dressing.
~   Brush a little warm honey gently over freshly baked cake, bread pudding and the like to glaze.
~   Honeyed Blue Cheese on Toast - this works very well with Brie too.
~   Stir a little into fruit salads.
~   A spoonful over porridge might help it go down!  I don’t really like porridge yet I instinctively feel that it should be served with light brown sugar, clotted cream and Drambuie, although I've never tried it!
~   Stir together with a knob of butter till melted and hot and serve with pancakes.
~   If you don’t want to eat the honey use it as a face mask – smooth onto warm skin, leave 15-20 minutes, wash off with warm water and then splash your face with cold water to close pores.  
~   If you find yourself in possession of quite a lot of honey, and if summer ever arrives, then make this simple ice cream.

Honey Ice Cream

500 ml double cream
200 g condensed milk
200 g runny honey at room temperature

~   Whip the cream till thick.
~   Fold in the condensed milk.
~   Fold in the honey.
~   Freeze.

Too Much Honey Behind the Wardrobe!

Speaking of honey look what I found behind built in wardrobes in Tortola once, after a couple of months away.  I knew something was up as soon as I unlocked the door; the place was buzzing! 

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