20 March 2016

Gorgeous Ideas for Fruit & Herb Teas

Recently I have had several episodes where I have felt as if someone has just shouted …

… really loudly, or as if I’d just been in a near-miss accident.  Sort of really shaken up but for no reason.  I didn’t feel worried, depressed, anxious or scared, just puzzled and shaky.  

I wondered if it was caffeine causing the problem. Then suddenly, out of the blue, I was asked if I’d like to try some caffeine free teas  made by Bellevue Tea.  Talk about timing!

I was sent 3 flavours to try …

Berry Infusion ~ smells absolutely delicious and tastes good too, especially with a spoonful of sugar.

This tea, however, also makes a great syrup which is the  basis for a great iced tea (just dilute to taste and pour over ice) or refreshing sparkling drink (add sparkling water) or sorbet.


~   Make double strength using 2 tea bags per cup of water. 
~   Allow to steep (mast, sudgel, infuse or whatever you call it) for 10 minutes. 
~   Remove the tea bags, giving a good squeeze first, and measure the resulting tea. 
~   Add three quarters of its weight in caster sugar and stir to dissolved. 


~   Make the above syrup and cool.
~   Freeze et voila

Apple & Tea Crumble! – very useful when blackberries are out of season.

This is very small because I only had one apple in the house which I sliced and cooked in the Berry Infusion tea together with a tablespoon of sugar.  Once the apple was cooked I transferred it to a ramekin and boiled down the sugary tea till syrupy.  Topped with crumble and a lovely little treat!  Crumble recipe here. 

Ginger and Lemon Infusion ~ my favourite of the three, it tastes good on its own, great with a little honey added and gorgeous sweetened, chilled and served over ice with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Not only have I drunk nearly all of these I also tried poaching salmon in it! 

I simply made a cup of Ginger & Lemon Tea in a pan, added a piece of salmon, turned off the heat and put on the lid so the salmon could cook gently in the residual heat. Once cold I had a perfectly cooked lemon and ginger infused piece of salmon – perfect for lunch (a sudden lunch if you will) with salad.

Camomile ~ I was a bit scared of this one as my friend told me not to try it till bed time as it makes you very sleepy.  I like things that make me sleepy at bedtime so I did what I was told and I did have a good sleep, not sure if it was a coincidence or not. I must admit, though, that I wasn’t very keen on the flavour, maybe just because it was unfamiliar, but it certainly improved with the addition of honey.  

Camomile has so many health benefits that it is certainly worth persevering, I think I’ll try mint or maybe orange next.

So, in short … nice and I feel so very much better without caffeine! 

Bellevue Teas do a great range in tea bags and as loose leaf tea including “real” tea too and the good news is you can get healthier whilst drinking something delicious (maybe not the camomile!).

In Other News …

1.   As you may remember I am now a member of the Legend 100 Club whereby I am sent review copies of soon to be released books. A few weeks ago I reviewed Fractured by Clár Ní Chonghaile 
My second book to review was  When We Were Alive by C.J. Fisher.

I found this quite hard to get into but I've had this problem occasionally with other good books so didn't give up and I'm glad I persevered. It's a complicated story about three seemingly (but not really) disconnected people in different times but it all ties up beautifully, eventually, so bear with it.

The book is sad and poignant in places and is not light reading but it is beautifully and intelligently written and is certainly different so if you are not scared off by the blurb, as I almost was, then I recommend this interesting book.
Speaking of books …

2.   I am doing a serious update of my cooking tips book which has now more than doubled in size from 219 to something over really useful 500 tips (none of them silly like these!) 

In addition to the ebook I’ve decided to publish via Createspace so it’s also available in paperback - in the case of reference books I think a hard copy is always a good thing. I am not quite ready to press the publish button yet but in the meantime would appreciate your help. For this new edition I have tried a couple of different covers but am not sure which one to choose, what do you think? 

3.   We had wander around Mevagissey in the sunshine the other day and saw some seals in the harbor. Just saying!

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