23 February 2012

Life not too short to stuff ½ a mushroom!

~  Menu  ~

1½ Stuffed Mushrooms – details below
Balsamic Glaze & Nubbly Bread
Small glass Secret Red

Yesterday’s lunch was about as sudden as it gets – even after I’d started making it I wasn’t sure what it was!  Getting peckish and with nothing planned I perused the surprisingly empty fridge (probably because I cleared it out the other day) and the only things I could find that really needed using up were 1½ chestnut mushrooms and a small dish containing a tiny amount of leftover bread sauce (recipe for luxurious twist on bread sauce here) and a bit (small bit) of stuffing.  I wondered about mushrooms on toast with a creamy sauce.  Not enough mushrooms to go on toast. 

I stirred the sauce and stuffing together in a thoughtful way.  I took a picture ...

That’s a teaspoon by the way.
The mushrooms and I looked at each other and then I stuffed ’em; bunged the mixture in the mushrooms, scattered with panko crumbs, drizzled with olive oil and cooked in a hot oven till crispy and golden.  I only had a few small salad leaves and half an onion to garnish but the balsamic glaze not only looked good but tasted great.  Phew – close one but I got away with it again.

Can you tell what it is yet?
Today’s lunch was sudden too – last night I had tomato soup with cheese straws made from pastry scraps and today I had leftover cheese straws with a dipping sauce, so to speak, make by mixing roasted garlic mayonnaise into 2 tbsp leftover soup. 


I have just joined Follow Me on Pinterest where one can create different boards on which to store, display and share one’s different interests – mainly collected from the web.  I have started 5 boards so far: books that I’d recommend, other people’s food that I fancy eating, just lovely photos, things that I think are funny (both haha and peculiar) and one of my own food pics that I am pleased with but aren’t usually accepted by the food porn sites.  To join Pinterest you have to be invited either by Pinterest (you ask them to ask you!) or another member.  If you follow me – see button at the side – and ask me I can invite you if you like! 
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Jenny Eatwell said...

That lunch is inspired - pure and simple. :) It looks like a really expensive starter at some big name restaurant.

Island Vittles said...

Inspired, indeed. I love just pulling things out of the fridge...you never know what you're gonna get! Theresa

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Yes it's exciting isn't it! Leftovers are my favourite ingredients.

DaCraftyLady Debb said...

I love leftovers and just whipping together whatever is in the frig...I love Pinterest too.... :)