2 June 2012

Too Many Strawberries!

… as if such a thing could be possible - we do, however, have quite a few. 

 If you too have a plethora of the lovely little buggers here are some ideas.

~   Add to or start a Rumpot - this is my most popular post ever.

~   Add to breakfast cereal.

~   Stir into yogurt.

~   Add to fruit salads, crumbles and pies.

~   Crush with sugar to taste to make a simple coulis.  Serve over creamy desserts and ice cream or fold into whipped cream as a cake filling or frosting.

~   If you don’t have enough fruit to go round chop what you have and stir into scones before baking.  Serve with clotted cream, of course.

~   Similarly add to cake and muffin recipes.

~   Freeze strawberries, spread out on a tray so they don’t stick together, and then store in an airtight container till you have a large enough collection to be useful or here a couple of ways to use the frozen berries ….

    ~   Add individual frozen strawberries to drinks as posh ice cubes.

    ~   Make a Sudden Sorbet; put slightly thawed (just not rock hard) strawberries into a food processor or liquidizer together with caster sugar to taste and a little spirit (Brandy, Rum Vodka etc) and process till smooth.  Put back in the freezer and mash ever now and then with a fork or potato masher to keep it smooth.  Oh, by the way – don’t use too much alcohol or the sorbet won’t freeze.

In other news (and I'm very excited) …

Well I went up to London and met with prospective publishers for my leftovers book; lovely people who seemed keen so, y’know – yippee!  After talking with them I wandered up Piccadilly and had a look in Fortnum & Mason which I haven’t been in for probably 20 years or more. 

Interesting place!

The shop assistants wear tail coats, the architecture is fab and the jam display amazing.  Next trip I might buy some toffeed scorpions and then I can write about what to do with the leftovers!

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MyFudo™ said...

I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I enjoyed...Amazing pictures!

Jenny Wells said...

I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I enjoyed...Amazing pictures!