3 December 2013

(Accidental) Toffee Apple Ice Cream and a Free Download

A few days ago I wrote about making windfall apple sauce and then baking with it and I mentioned that I’d made a ”terrible mistake” whilst preparing the batter. What I did wrong was mis-read 37.5g of apple sauce as 375g of apple sauce which I had mixed with 90g of soft dark brown sugar and 50g of golden syrup before I noticed my mistake. The result looked like this …

… and tasted far too good to throw away. As a consequence of this I’d had “a good idea”. My cunning plan was to make Toffee Apple Ice Cream based on the easy peasy recipe in my book Lush Ice Cream without a Machine. Now it is going to be tricky to give a recipe seeing as it was something I made by accident, and it also includes a surprise ingredient, but bear with me.

Accidental Toffee Apple Ice Cream!

500g double cream
30ml Todka - optional
200g condensed milk
(had I been planning this I would probably have used the dulce de leche variety)
200ml accidental toffee apple sauce

~   Whisk the cream till thick together with the optional Todka.
~   Fold in the rest of the ingredients.
~   Freeze – I drew a big “A” on top with leftover sauce!

You will notice the surprise ingredient; Todka - a Cornish Toffee Vodka drink from Newquay of which I have a few miniatures. It is delicious on its own or over ice but this seemed an ideal vehicle for it.  Homemade ice cream can really benefit from a tad of alcohol; explanation, details, quantities and suggestions in my aforementioned eBook together with lots of other into and ideas which will help you make up all sorts of ice creams with leftovers and accidents.

For lunch pudding today I had a piece of the Applesauce Cake I made a few days ago filled with the ice cream and topped with a few pieces of crunchy dried apple skin(!) which was not my idea – I got it from Not Derby Pie and it is an excellent way to not only use up peelings but help stop food waste, save the planet and eat something yummy, all very important to me.

I didn’t have any ideas for the leftover toffee apple sauce stuff so I froze it with some idea of making sorbet or granite with it.  No need – it’s just perfect eaten from frozen, just as it is!

Hopefully that is all I have to say about windfall apples, at least for this year (although I think I've just had another idea!)

In other news – Free Download

My recently published eBooklet "Easy Festive Food for a Relaxing Christmas" is No. 3 in the Top 100 Free Food & Drink Books on Amazon.  If I can’t be rich perhaps I can be famous – it’s free till Friday so please, please download it here or other Amazon sites around the World. A review would be good too, especially if you like it!

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