1 October 2014

As Interesting as a Beetroot!

When my niece Jenny was little she thought that “as a beetroot” was an expression of extremity which didn’t only apply to degrees of redness.  Our Jenny used to run as fast as beetroot, be as cross as a beetroot and so on.

Unlike Jenny I was, like many people, frightened by beetroot as a child (the pickled stuff in school dinners) but am beginning to pull round now which is, to a large extent, thanks to Tesco’s beetroot salad– even my real man likes it!

There is a surprisingly high proportion of beetroot to leaves in the salad so I often end up with just beetroot which, of course, is not a problem.

Today, for instance, I had a very sudden lunch, as is my wont – my survey of the fridge yielded the beetrooty end of a bag of beetroot salad, a little sour cream and three inches of leek.  Obviously the answer was soup, as is often the way.  Not borscht, of course, just beetroot soup.

Not-Borscht for 1

3” leftover leek – sliced
15g butter
1 small-ish potato – peeled and thinly sliced
1 handful leftover beetroot julienne – or even purpose bought
250ml vegetable stock
dollop of sour cream

~   Cook the leek very gently in the butter till very tender.  This is best done by pressing a piece of foil or a butter wrapper onto the leeks, putting on the lid and turning the heat down low.
~   When the leeks are tender add the potato and beetroot and enough stock to just cover the vegetables.
~   Bring to the boil, turn the heat down again, put on the lid and cook till all is tender.
~   Mash with a masher or purée in an electrical appliance together with the sour cream.
~   Taste and season and add more cream, stock or water till it is just how you like it.

This is, of course, based on my key soup recipe which I expound upon in “SOUP (almost) the Only Recipe You’ll Ever Need” – there is even a recipe for Borscht in it!

Quick – Free Offer!

"SOUP" is actually the third book in my Key Recipes series but as we are expecting autumn any day now I thought this would be a good time to run a freebie so download it here if you are in the UK or here in the States. It is only free 1st and 2nd October but not much money even after that! 
Once you’ve downloaded it (and by the way you don’t need a kindle to read it – get this app  from Amazon and read it on whatever you like) please do two things for me ...
~   Enjoy it.​
~   Review it on Amazon and maybe also Goodreads – because reviews help so very much. Some sites won’t even let me mention a book without reviews!
Incidentally see the end of this post for another free book offer – this one is permanent!

Other ways to use leftover beetroot julienne include ...

~   As a very pretty garnish as on this ‘ere Finnan Crispy Pizza.  

~   To make coleslaw turn a romantic pink. 

~   Add to stir fries, other soups, bean dips, potatoes when cooking for mashing etc.

I haven’t as yet forayed far into the World of Beetroot but I’ll tell you who has – The Guardian! 

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