6 August 2015

A Game of Scones!

I have been playing with my genius scone recipe a lot recently because so successful was publishing Luscious Ice Cream without a Machine as a paperback  (I made about £6 last month) that I decided to convert The Secret Life of Scones to paperback too; in the case of reference books I think a hard copy is really the way to go.  As a friend recently posted on Facebook …

super flexible scone recipe

If you don’t know about my genius scone recipe (which I think might just be the most useful dough recipe in the world) let me tell you! Not only can it be varied to create any sweet or savoury scone, American biscuit, griddle cake or rock bun you can think of, not only is it the base recipe for many traditional and ancient dishes but it also make lovely fluffy dumplings, crisp doughnuts, cobblers, turnovers, pie crust (nicer than pastry, I think, as it’s so short and crumbly) and more. 

Read more about The Secret Life of Scones here.

It can also be mixed up in a moment or held ready in the fridge or freezer in case of emergencies. 

Whilst working through the original manuscript re-sizing margins and photos, indexing etc. to get it ready for print I also came up with some new ideas and recipes so added them to both the book and to the kindle version.   

Here are some of those ideas (more details in the book) ...

Pecan and Brown Sugar Scones 

Obvious when you think about it!


Peanut Butter Scones 

This was an inspiration wot I suddenly had; I used crunchy peanut butter to replace most of the fat in the original recipe.

Chocolate Scones 

No idea why I didn't do these earlier! Replace some of the flour with cocoa and add chocolate chunks.


Sticky Orange Buns 

Rolled with brown sugar and cooked in a sticky orange syrup.  Gorgeous with clotted cream!


Roasted Garlic Scones 

Very yum! Replace some of the liquid in the genius recipe with roasted garlic.


Black Garlic Scones!

Yes, my favourite ingredient again, made with the black garlic paste I wrote about recently  these cry out for blue cheese and a modicum of red wine. Just add 6 cloves of black garlic coarsely chopped OR 1½ teaspoons of paste to the genius recipe (leaving out the sugar!)

Roasted Tomato Scones 

For these I used squashed roasted tomatoes to replace most of the liquid in the original genius recipe.

Panko Crusted Scone Balls 

Just a quick idea which I made a as a cook’s treat. They were so good I added them to the book, just roll little balls of the dough in panko crumbs before baking. Good for dunking in things.

And quite a few more!

If, perchance, you will be having a  cream tea see here for the perfect cream tea formula.

2 Apologies ...

1.   I feel I must apologise for the intrusive cookies thing that you may be seeing at the top of this blog, apparently it is now law. If I can work out how I will try and make it more attractive.  I hate pop-ups, I like a nice clean looking blog and if there has to be an intrusive cookie thing I’d rather it looked like this!

2.  Also a small apology; if you pronounce scones, as I do, to rhyme with gone, then the title of this post doesn't work but it was worth a try! I also considered Scone with the Wind but feel that may give people a distorted impression of how very digestible this recipe is!

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Sue said...

Oh yes, it's always scone rhymes with gone rather than scone rhymes with stone.

I prefer to get recipe books in traditional format, so I'll definitely be ordering this one.

Suzy Bowler said...

Actually I prefer them that way too but they are so much cheaper as ebooks!
Hope you like it!