Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftovers

Never Waste a Good Eating Opportunity Again! 

Ladies & Gentleman may I present the new edition of my book on leftovers ...

I wrote this book out of sheer irritation! Seeing so much food waste, so much delicious food being away, I decided to tell people what to do with it, so to speak!

​My primary goal was, and is, to teach people to enjoy their leftover food, that this also saves money, avoids waste and even helps the planet is good too! 

Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers was originally published as The Leftovers Handbook, fundamentally it is the same book with a different cover, new title and a slightly different layout. Best of all, the price is down from £12.99 to £8.10 on Amazon!

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Reviews of Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers ... 

“Cookery books are really very boring, but this one definitely isn't!” 

​ “This book isn't just useful, it's very funny, interesting and educational, and I'm ashamed to say I have been reading it at bedtime while gnawing on tarted up scraps.” 

​ “I'm really enjoying reading this book. It's not just a guide to ‘what to do with your leftovers’ but is a fun and informative read. It's had me laughing on several occasions, thus feeding the soul as well as filling the stomach. It's packed full of useful tips and ideas and covers an astonishing array of foodstuffs. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes.” 

​ “Really useful! I love this book. In addition to being clearly set out in alphabetical order and having good ideas for using up a huge range of food, it has tips for cooking and for each ingredient a list of things that go well with it. I have used it a lot since I got it.” 

​ “I find myself referring to my copy constantly, so it now lives permanently beside the cooker. 
A great resource that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.” 

​ “5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant. This book is a must have in your kitchen. We love it so much that we are going to get our 5 grown up daughters a copy each for their stocking.” 

​ “… it was the sheer depth of using the ingredients that I found most inspiring about this book.” 

​ “Suzy Bowler's Leftovers Handbook is an inspirational encyclopaedia of ingredients. Written in an intelligent witty way, it inspires not just how to rejuvenate your leftover meals, but also gives fresh, new and interesting ideas for all the contents of your store cupboard and fridge to create delicious dishes.” 

​ “had only got to the A's before I was inspired to go out and buy anchovies so I could make the anchovy croutons.” 

​ “This book is brimming with food facts, handy hints, recipes, tips and ideas from Aioli to Zucchini and everything in-between.” 

​ “I don't even have time right now to give this book the proper and Super review it deserves. My life at the moment is crazy hectic, business and personal life. I don't even have time to shop in the way I normally do for groceries and so, having Suzy's A to Z is fantastic. I come home, look in the fridge at the pathetic meagre remains and voila! I can flick through her book like a dictionary and come up with something creative and which absolutely tastes divine! Thanks to you, Suzy Bowler.” 

​ “This fabulous book is full of things I never knew I wanted to make. No more secret shame throwing food away. It is really easy to look up an ingredient, follow the clear instructions and make something lovely. Everyone should have a copy of this book to help them save money and eat well.” 

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