24 December 2012

Have a good one!

That's about it really - have the wonderfullest time and if I eat anything interesting, especially if it's sudden, I'll let you know.  

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17 December 2012

Geordie~Italian Fusion Pizza

~  Menu  ~

Ham and Pease Pud Pizza
Sparkling Water
(tho' should have been Newcastle brown or a cuppa)
Marzipan Trimmings

Today for a minute or so I was at a complete loss for an interesting lunch so decided to sort out the fridge a bit and see if I could be inspired.  I was, almost immediately.

I took out the almost obligatory ham and pease pudding and behind it was half a pizza base (I have to admit to cheating here - if I am only having pizza for myself I buy roasted garlic flatbread from Tesco, cut it in half and this makes two dinner pizzas for me) and inspiration struck; a traditional Geordie pizza. I spread the base with pease pudding, topped it with sliced ham, baked till crisp and served it with a green salad all drizzled with balsamic glaze.  This was so very much deliciouser than I was expecting!

Almost every week I cook my real, and Geordie, man a ham and make pease pudding with the stock, for details of how to do it see here, it's very easy and worthwhile!

Whilst my pizza was cooking I marzipanned our Christmas Cake and then after eating the pizza I sat down with a cup of coffee and a few marzipan scraps. 

After a little while I went into the kitchen for more marzipan scraps and on my third or fourth visit for more I decided to gather all the scraps (that were left) and keep them to make Chewy Marzipan Cookies - see here for the recipe, I don't think you'll regret it!

The ice cream shown in the picture sandwiching the cookies together was, of course, made in accordance to my super easy recipe which my eBook "Lush Ice Cream without a Machine"  is all about - in this case it was, obviously, Cherry Ice Cream!

In Other News

We have primroses flowering in our garden!  This is extra surprising considering the damage that slugs have done to the plants as you can see from the picture.  How brave they are! 

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11 December 2012

Marmalade on ... Salmon!

~  Menu  ~

Courgette & Lemon Fritters
Hot Smoked Salmon in Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise
Small glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Sticky Toffee Sauce Scrapings

We bought a side of hot smoked salmon, half price, the other day which I portioned and froze all except one piece which I had for dinner that night.  It had been sold with slices of orange and a sachet of orange glaze which I didn't want to open for just one piece (or possibly at all).  I was about to stick my bit of fish in the oven when I remembered the remains of a jar of Cornish Meadows Lemon & Chilli Marmalade in the cupboard so I brushed the top of my salmon with this before baking.  Gorgeous! but of course too much for me to finish in one sitting.

Cornish Meadows make very fine preserves traditionally and using seasonal fruits when they are at their best.  I was going to take a picture of my jar but it is a bit stained and goosome on the outside so here is a clip from their site which you can visit here 

We also bought a few baby courgettes so today I made courgette fritters as per my all purpose fritter recipe which I flavoured with grated lemon zest and a generous amount of the leftover smoked salmon turned in a spoonful of roasted garlic mayonnaise - one of my store cupboard staples.

Lucky girl me. 

Clearing up after lunch I found a StickyToffee Sauce pan from last night with just a little sauce left in it.  To be frank I had kept this back purposely as I was going to suggest my real man cook his morning porridge in it for a little added je ne sais quoi but forgot to tell him about it this morning.  So I scraped the pan and ate it myself with a cup of coffee.

Now I know this post isn't very informative inasmuch as there are no new recipes (although some links to earlier recipes) but it does demonstrate how with a combination of imagination and greed, a collection of bits, pieces, leftovers and bargains can make a lovely sudden lunch.

In Other News ...

Here is a pineapple we bought yesterday, not quite ripe as it happens! 

You may remember I had myself a little rant the other day about best before dates.  I confuse myself because when we get something like this fine pineapple I am simultaneously delighted and cross - strange feeling!  I have decided to do a board on Pinterest to start a collection of irritating, wonderful bargains.  

On my other blog about my writing, here, I have written about a strange experience I had on Stumble Upon.  If you have the time and inclination have a read, I'd be grateful to know if anyone, anywhere has ever seen this.

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5 December 2012

Back Home in Cornwall and eating "Normally"

Not burnt ~ black garlic bread!

~  Menu  ~

Poached Eggs
Black Garlic Bread
Coffee and Vanilla Yogurt

Its good to be home and have all our stuff about us.  We went Up North for 3 weeks but stayed 3 months and I hadn't packed for such an eventuality.  I should have taken my roasted garlic, my black garlic, smoked black pepper, Caribbean seasoning, Tortolian vanilla extract, balsamic glaze, chilli pickle and so on and so forth.  Not being of a spendy nature I didn't want to waste money replacing these items so had eat in a plainer manner whilst away.  Today I got back to "normal".

Our friend Carol gave us half a dozen eggs freshly laid by her "girls" so poaching was the obvious way to go.  Leaving flavour aside eggs poach so much better when really fresh - for how to poach them see here.  I served them with a piece of bread smothered with black garlic butter and toasted till crisp.  I sprinkled the whole lot with smoked black pepper and weyhey!

My dessert occurred as a by-product of my aging process, I believe.  Preparing my breakfast I accidentally added the spoonful of instant coffee to my vanilla yogurt instead of my coffee mug.  Well you know how I abhor wasting anything; I stirred it in and put it in the fridge for lunch pudding.  It worked fine!

In Other News ...

Well nothing much other than I am working hard to promote my eBook about ice cream.  Here's a picture of one I made earlier to tempt you to look into the matter!

Homemade coffee ice cream (just look at the texture on that!) with sugared walnuts. 

Re:  My earlier Best Before Date Rant

Remember my rant-ette a few days ago?  Well, my darling brought home a Christmas wreath yesterday, reduced in price by a considerable amount and much as we appreciate the bargain there is absolutely nothing wrong with the it; no dryness, no sign of wilting, just fine and dandy

The big question for me, though, is what kind of nutter makes a Christmas wreath that is out of date by 4th December?! 

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4 December 2012

My eBook goes Live - also Free for a couple of Days

I am excited to say that my eBook "Lush Ice Cream without a Machine" is now available on Amazon and today and tomorrow it is FREE so can you do me a favour, please?  Download the book here, give it a read and, if you would be so kind, review it on Amazon.  I hope you like it.  Lots more details about the book can be seen here.

To be honest this has taken some time to come to fruition.  You may remember some while ago I was eating a lot of ice cream and writing about a simple ice cream recipe I used in the Caribbean to develop all sorts of yummy ice creams and dessert.  As you know life is not easy out there and in all that warm sunshine ice cream is a necessity.

As I got more involved in writing my other book abut leftovers which is now, happily,  with the publishers and due to be published at the end of March, the ice cream writing was put to one side.

A few months ago I won a Kindle.  Until then I hadn't really fancied one but now I have it I am so delighted.  Not only is it a really comfortable way to read, a great way to store books and excellent when travelling it also opened my eyes to eBooks; both reading them and their potential as a way to publish some of my own work. I had another look at my ice cream manuscript and decided to give this new fangled technology a try.   

In Other News ...

We are back in Cornwall and its good to be home.

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